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Configuring eGift Cards in WooCommerce


eGift Cards need to be created and configured in a specific way in WooCommerce in order to properly generate gift cards for your shoppers. This help page will show you how to quickly and easily create eGift Cards for your customers.

Configuring eGift Cards

Before creating your eGift Cards in WooCommerce, please note the eGift Cards must start as a product with a price in some POS systems. After you've set up the eGift Card in your POS system as a priced product, you can then create the eGift Card as a product in WooCommerce.

You can create Gift Cards in one of two ways:

  • As simple products, each with their own product page
  • As variant products, with one product page and a dropdown menu with the denominations

Simple eGift Card Products

  1. Create & edit the eGift Card product like you would a normal product. Fill out the name, description fields, add images, etc. If you're using PINs, consider including that information in the product description.

  2. From the Product Data Dropdown (highlighted in the image below), select Gift Card for the Product Type. 

  3. Under the General menu, set Tax Status to "None"
    eGC - Tax Status.png
  4. If you're creating this egift card as a simple product, go to the Inventory menu under Product Data and uncheck Enable stock management at product level. In the Stock Status dropdown beneath the box you just unchecked, select "In Stock". This prevents WooCommerce from thinking that you've sold out of egift cards.manage_stock_box.png
  5. Save.

Variable eGift Card Products

If you're creating your egift card as a variable product with multiple options (say, for different amounts of money that appear in a dropdown), the setup is a bit different.

1. Set the Product Data to Variable Gift Card, and the Tax Status to None

General Tab.png

2. From the Attributes menu, click the Add new button to create a new attribute. (Note: If you have attributes already set up for other products, you may have the necessary attribute listed under the "Add existing" dropdown.)

Attribute - Add New.png

3. We suggest naming the Attribute "Amount". Add the values / amounts of each gift card you want to offer, separated with a |. Check the "Visible on the product page" box. Click Save Attributes.

Attribute - Amounts.png

4. Click on the Amount again, which will expand your Values list again. You'll notice a new checkbox - Used For Variations - which you'll also need to enable. Click Save Attributes.

Attribute - Amount Variations.png

5. From the Variations menu, click Generate Variations. This will automatically pull over all of the Attributes you created as individual variants.

Variations - Generate.png

6. You'll need to configure each variant for the website. Click on the variant amount. Confirm the Virtual checkbox is enabled. Enter the price or value of the variant, then Save Changes. You'll do this for each variation.

Variations - Configure.png

7. You'll also need to add a SKU to each variation. We suggest using something like GC plus the denomination. For example, we assigned SKU GC10 to the $10 denomination, GC20 to the $20 denomination, etc.


8. Save the entire product. When you view it on the product page, you should see all variations listed.

Product Page.png

Adding Additional Variants

You may wish to add additional variants or values to your eGift Card product. This is easily done following the steps below.

1. Click on the Attributes menu. Click on the Amount, and then add the new variant as you did in Step 3 above. Click Save Attributes.

Additional (1).png

2. On the Variations menu, click Generate Variations.

Additional (2).png

3. You'll then need to edit the new variant using the directions in Step 6 above. Click Save Changes under the Variations menu. Save the product page itself.

Additional (3).png

4. You'll then see the additional variations listed on the product page.

Additional (4).png

This product is now ready to be sold as an eGift Card. When purchased, your shoppers will receive an email with their gift card code and PIN, if applicable. 

As always, if you need any help or have questions please open a Support Ticket and we'll take a look! You can also read more about how we handle gift cards in the gift card section of our help system, here.