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Gift Card Integrator Functions


My Counterpoint reseller just helped me to add PIN codes to all my gift cards, as you explained in your article on Gift Card PINS.  However, it doesn't look like these pins are working on my website.  Do we need to perform another step to get them working?


If your Counterpoint reseller made these changes by modifying the data directly in the database, our integration does not detect that there's been a change. However, this can easily be remedied by going to your Counterpoint server and starting the Modern Retail Integrator.




Re-send Gift Cards

The Re-Send Gift Cards function should fix your issue. Select this option from the Functions menu, and hit start.  

New Gift Certificates

There's also a function to only send newly added gift cards to your website.  However, given your circumstance, I would suggest you use the Re-send Gift Cards function described above.

Please let us know if you need anything else by submitting a Support Request in the Admin Panel.