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Configuring eGift Cards


eGift Cards need to be created and configured in a specific way in BigCommerce in order for the gift card to be generated properly for your shoppers.  This help page will show you how.

ALL eGift Cards must start as a product with a price in your POS system.  They do not need to have inventory, you can disallow inventory tracking in BigCommerce.

Edit the eGift Card product like you would any other product, update the product name, assign it to a category, add images etc.   If you are requiring PINS for your eGift Cards consider including that information in the product description.

While editing the product, navigate to the "Inventory" section and select:

  • Do Not Track Inventory for this product.

Doing this means your eGift Cards don't need inventory in order to be available for purchase online. 

The eGift Cards in BigCommerce need to be flagged as eGift Cards. We use the custom fields on the product to trigger the gift card creation and email message. Please use this content in the fields:

  • Custom Field #1 Name: egift_card
  • Custom Field #1 Value: The e-Gift Card will be emailed directly you.



This product is now ready to be sold as an eGift Card. When purchased, your shoppers will receive an email with their gift card code and PIN if applicable.