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Creating Users


Every employee that works within BigCommerce must have their own User ID and password.  Additionally, their BigCommerce credentials must be unique to Bigcommerce.  Users should not use a favorite password that is used on other sites.

Creating users is done from the Account Settings > Users menu.


User Details

  • Fill in the user's email.  Note that BigCommerce will send your new user an invitation to create their password.  Going forward, their User ID will be this email address.
  • The new user should have the status set to "active".  Inactive users will not be able to log into BigCommerce.
  • The preferred language setting should be left to the default setting.



In addition to pre-defined user roles of:

  • Sales Staff
  • Sales Manager
  • Store Administrator
  • Customer
  • Owner

BigCommerce offers a lot of flexibility within these roles; allowing you to add or remove permissions depending on the user.  Modern Retail highly recommends you use these permissions when managing your users.  Not all users need full access and should not be granted those permissions

Once you've set up your new users; scroll to the bottom and SAVE.  Saving is when your new user will be created and sent their invitation.


BigCommerce doesn't allow a user to set another user's password.  If a password needs to be reset, users must click "forgot password" on the log in screen and follow the steps to reset their passwords. 

Passwords must be at least 8 characters long, contain letters, numbers and at least one special character.  In addition, BigCommerce will not let you use a previously used password.  All BigCommerce passwords are required to be reset every 90 days.

2 Factor Authentication

If you are logging into BigCommerce from a new device; you'll be sent an email with a security code before being able to login.  This behavior also occurs if you've cleared your browser's cache.  Devices only need to be verified every 30 days.  This means that every 30 days you'll bump into the need to enter a security code.