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We're not doing anything with CounterPoint's Loyalty Program today. However, we handle customers in a very clever way, which will help you if you've implemented a loyalty program.

Here’s how it works. The FIRST TIME a customer places an order on the website our integration will ask CounterPoint if the customer exists by matching on the customer's email address. Our CounterPoint Integrator will reply in one of two ways:

  1. Customer Exists – Our Integrator finds the email address in CounterPoint and returns the unique Customer Number from CounterPoint.

  2. Customer Does Not Exist – When the email address does not exist, our Integrator CREATES the customer in CounterPoint and again returns the unique Customer Number from CounterPoint.

Either way, we always get a unique Customer Number from CounterPoint, which we use for ALL FUTURE ORDERS. Meaning, when people place another order on your website we are NOT keying off their email address. Instead, we're using the unique Customer Number from CounterPoint. This is immensely helpful because our integration does not create duplicate records in CounterPoint for the same customer. It is also helpful because it allows customers to change their email address in the website or CounterPoint, while still tying all the customer information together.

As you probably know, CounterPoint does not require the email address to be unique. In these cases our Integrator will take the first customer it finds with that email address and will use it. Therefore, having a clean database with a unique email address will help, especially if you've implemented a loyalty program.


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