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Counterpoint Loyalty Programs


Modern Retail is happy to offer our Counterpoint loyalty integration for Counterpoint integrations with BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento, and Shopify Plus sites. In this article we'll talk about what our Counterpoint loyalty integration does, and how it works.

What's a Loyalty Program?

Loyalty programs are a common retail & ecommerce tactic used to encourage repeat customers. These programs often work by rewarding customers with "points" for every purchase, and then allowing the redemption of those points for a discount on a future purchase. You can configure the numbers that make up your loyalty program in Counterpoint.

In order for a loyalty program to work, each customer with loyalty points need to have an identity in Counterpoint, so the system can keep track of how many points each individual customer has. You can read more about how we handle customer identity here.

Modern Retail's Loyalty Integration

Modern Retail's Counterpoint loyalty integration works by matching online customers with the customer identity attached to your loyalty program. Whenever a new order is made online, the loyalty integration checks to see if the email address used for the order is associated with an existing customer. If the integration finds a customer associated with that email, then that customer is rewarded the requisite number of points, based on how your loyalty program is configured in Counterpoint. If no match is found, then a new customer identity is set up in Counterpoint for the new email address.

In simpler terms, Modern Retail's Counterpoint loyalty integration works as a go-between for purchases made on your website and the existing loyalty program you have set up in Counterpoint.

If you're interested in our loyalty integration, or have further questions on this topic, please feel free to get in touch with is with a support request.