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Counterpoint Sale / Promotion Price Options


The Counterpoint Integrator supports 3 different methods for web store promotional pricing: Alternate Price Field, Planned Promotion and Live Counterpoint Price. Here we'll cover each option, explaining why you'd use them and how they work.

Alternate Price Field

With the Alternate Price Field method you select Price-1 through Price-3 as your regular web store price and Price-1 through Price-3 as your web store sales price. If the web store sale price is less than the web store regular price, then the Integrator will send a sale price to the web store.

Planned Promotion

This form of promotion pricing using Counterpoint Planned Promotion records sends sale prices to the web store. In the Counterpoint Planned Promotion window, there is a button in the top right-hand side of the window labeled "Create Promo". For the Integrator to see the Planned Promo records, you must NOT use the "create promo" button. Doing so, will remove the promo records from the Planned Promo window and the Integrator will not see the records.

Live Counterpoint Price

With the Live Counterpoint price form of web store sales pricing, the Counterpoint Integrator is configured with a Counterpoint Customer Number, (we recommend a customer of something like "WEB"). This allows you to use any of Counterpoint's complex forms of promotional pricing for web store sales price.

The Counterpoint Integrator will determine if an item has a web store sales price by asking Counterpoint what is the price for customer "WEB". If the price for customer WEB is less than the regular web store price, then the price is sent as a web store sales price. This allows you to create promotional pricing for customer "WEB" only or all Counterpoint customers.

Additionally, when the Counterpoint Integrator is configured to use "Live Counterpoint Price", updates take place near midnight through 3 or 4 AM. Near midnight, we re-send or synchronize all item data to the web store.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to submit a support request.