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Creating Shipments Manually


Sometimes you may need to manually create a shipment from the admin panel. This article will instruct you how to do that, and what your options are while manually creating shipments. This is useful for when a shipment has been sent out, but it hasn't registered with the system. It's important to note that manually creating a shipment will not affect anything in the physical world; all this does is create a record of a shipment.

Manually Creating Shipments

You can create new shipments from the Orders or Shipments pages under the Orders section of the Admin Panel.


Either page will lead you to a list of product orders (Orders will be all orders, while Shipments will be all orders that have shipped). Creating_Shipments_Manually__1_.png

Clicking on the Order Number for any order will take you to a page displaying more information about that order, like so:


From there, clicking on the Shipment tab in that window will either show you any current shipments for that order, or a screen showing that there hasn't been a shipment created.


In either case, you can manually create a new shipment by clicking on the Create Shipment button in the bottom right.


 From here, you can enter the Shipment Number, the Tracking Number, the Shipping Method, and the quantity of the items being shipped. Again, none of this information will affect the physical shipment; we're just creating a record in the system. Click Submit when you're satisfied with the information you've entered to complete the process.

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to send a support request!