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Gift Cards

The Gift Cards tab allows you to see the following information:

  • The list of Gift Cards
  • Purchased
  • Auto Generation Mask
  • Usage



The list of Gift Cards

The list of Gift Cards is represented by a grid with the ability to filter data by Gift Card Number. You can download xls or csv file.

A click on any Gift Card in the system will open a window with more detailed information about it. In particular, who used it, when and with what orders it was used. 


 Purchased Gift Cards

This section allows you to see which Gift Cards were purchased lately and in which orders.


Settings / Auto Generation Mask


This section allows you to configure the autocreation of Gift Cards. Autocreation of Gift Card numbers and their integration is used in case of buying them through the E-Commerce platform.

You can choose a mask for oncoming Gift Cards.

Each asterisk  *   in the mask you provided will be replaced with a digit or a letter depending on your settings. Each symbol will not be replaced.

Example: GF****11***444

Also you can enable the use of PIN-code for your oncoming Gift Cards. For PIN it's recommended to use 4 symbols.
This section allows you to see how Gift Cards were used - who used them, when and how many times Gift Cards were used in orders. It also shows the general statistics on the number of all Gift Cards used and pending.