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Shopify Locations with Runit/ Shopify integration


While it is potentially possible to set up multiple stores with Runit, there are a few reasons that we are not prepared to support this quite yet.


First, we are working on getting individual store inventory from Runit, but have not completed that task. We currently only see and support the web store quantity from Runit.

Second and most important, Shopify has not exposed their process for removing product from selected stores for placed orders to the API. So what happens with an order is that Shopify will remove the product from a location based on rules that the API cannot get at, and it does not expose in the API what location the inventory was removed from.

This means that we cannot correctly allocate an ordered item to a specific location in Shopify and will likely overwrite that location's inventory incorrectly. We can only know the location AFTER a fulfillment is created in Shopify.

We feel that this is a fatal flaw that must be addressed before we can offer a reliable integration with multiple locations in Shopify at this time. Furthermore, we have been in discussions with Shopify about this and hope to eventually resolve this.

While it is not possible right now to separate store inventories in Runit, it is possible to send returns to a specific store through Runit. 

For more questions, please reach out via a support request on the Admin Panel.