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This help page will take you through the steps needed to issue a refund and restock the product. 


  • Find and open the appropriate order by clicking on the order number
  • Click the "Refund" button, found below the order information and next to the payment acceptance.



  • Clicking the Refund button will open a window where the refund is issued and the option to restock occurs.
  • Change the quantity to reflect the quantity being refunded. 


  • When the quantity is left at 0, the totals are also 0.  When the quantity is changed, the totals will update automatically and accordingly.


  • The Restock X Items box will be checked by default and should be left as is.  This setting will update the stock in Shopify and insure the return successfully goes to your POS system via the integration. 


  • If you are restocking multiple items, the quantity to restock will increase automatically.

NOTE: If you uncheck the restock items box and choose to restock the inventory at a later date the return will not go to your POS system.  The refund and restocking must happen in the same step to create the proper transaction for the integration to send.