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Woocommerce, WP engine, and large catalogs


Why  is the integration taking a long time to push the producs to Woocommerce?




Your server is running under WP engine. They have a limit on how long any script will run before they will kill it.

This is deadly to our being able to load a very large catalog, because we have to only load 2 variations per product with only 1 product per batch to have any chance of having the script complete before WP engine kills it. We are currently down to 50 products (with 2 variations each) per hour and WP engine is killing most of these jobs before they complete, so we end up resending products over and over again.

Your catalog from RICS contains 6,085 products with 68,492 total variations (individual skus)

To date we have been able to load about one third of that. about 2,000 products and 22,000 variations.

This is a very large catalog for woocommerce . Woocommerce can handle this, but , with the limitations that WP engine imposes, it will take a very long. Have you told WP Engine that you intend to have a catalog this large?

We have other clients running on WP engine and some choose to muddle through. We only run into the script killing feature with new product creation, and do not usually have a problem updating inventory or prices.

However with a catalog as large as yours, you should probably look into dedicated hosting (which WP engine can also provide, I understand, as another of our clients have gone that route and it has made all the difference) as such, you would not be subject to the script killing setting.

We have in the past asked WP engine to either increase the allowed time for the script killing feature or to white list the new product scripts to get around this, but they are either unable or un willing to do so.

Given that we are only one third complete with product loading at this time, and the problem will only get worse as the number of products grows in Woocommerce, I cannot estimate the length of time that completing the load will take.

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