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RMSA/Shopify Integration


The process for the integration is you send us files to an FTP site. You control how often this happens.

We check the FTP site for a new file every so often and when we find one we process it into our admin panel.

On the Shopify side, there are 2 different hourly jobs. One is new products. Once an hour it looks in the table of items we have from you and checks to see if there are any items in our table that are not in Shopify and have not been deleted from Shopify, or have been sent to shopify and have been rejected for some reason.

In the admin panel items that are in Shopify have a web ID . Items that were previously in Shopify, but were deleted have a web id and say YES in the deleted from platform column. these will not be resent to Shopify unless you reset them in the admin panel.

Items in the admin panel that do not have a web ID may not have been sent to shopify yet. You can check the last update from POS date and then compare that with the time of the last update job to make sure an update job has run since then. If this is more than a couple of hours, then there may be an error from Shopify. meaning the integration tried to send the product and Shopify refused it. Products with errors typically will need some intervention to get them into Shopify. some of the errors are that the product conflicts with another product already in Shopify. (for example the product name MUST be unique. you can't have 2 products with the same name).

The other hourly job is updates. Once again we compare what is in Shopify with what we have in our table and send over any differences in qty or price to Shopify.