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Integration Allocation

Orders go down to the POS when they have been shipped.

This means that there are orders for items on your web site that your POS does not yet know about.

Our allocation feature tracks the qty sold on orders for each item from the time the order is placed until the time the order gets to the POS.

The allocation feature does not update inventory in the POS. What it does is it takes the qty from the POS  and subtracts the allocated qty before comparing the qty with what the web site has.

Example. POS says there are 10.
There are 2 on web site orders that have not been shipped, so the POS does not know about these.

10 (from POS) - 2 (in allocation) = 8, so the web site qty should be 8. When the inventory job runs, the integration checks the qty on the web site and sends an update for this item IF the qty is NOT = 8.

You ship one of the orders, so that order goes down to the POS. POS now says the qty is 9. Our allocation now says 1 (because the other order has been shipped and it has gone down to the POS)

So now when the inventory job runs, we have 9 from POS, and 1 on allocation = 8. So we send an inventory update to the web site IF the qty on the web site is NOT 8.

If an item was sold in store in the mean time, POS will then have 8, we still have 1 in allocation so the qty we will send to the web site is now 7.

This allocation happens completely in the middleware and works to make sure the website has the correct inventory. The POS inventory only changes when you ship an order and it is sent to the POS.