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eGift Card Values


As a part of the onboarding process with Modern Retail, clients are asked to set a value for their eGift Card number, so that their gift cards can be auto-created. Auto-creation of gift card numbers and their integration is used when customers purchase gift cards through the e-commerce platform.

Inputting eGift Card Numbers

When inputting eGift Card numbers, Modern Retail recommends starting each gift card value with the same characters. Doing this helps to prevent duplicates, as well as makes eGift Cards easier to spot on the back end. We also recommend setting a value of ten characters or more, also to prevent duplicates.

For example, you may choose to have each eGift Card value be 10 characters long and start with MR, which would look like this:


On our end, we will need to know the length you would like the eGift Card number, as well as any specific characters the eGift Card number should start with. eGift Card numbers may also include (or be made entirely of) letters.

For any additional questions, please submit a support request in the Admin Panel.