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Q&A: Editing Orders


Before an order shipped, the customer reached out and wanted to change their order. We edited and added their new items, and refunded the old ones. We don't see that reflecting the inventory in our POS system. How long does it take to reflect in our POS?


There is no way to edit an invoice/shipment/order that has been sent to the POS system. Instead of trying to edit an order, you will want to start the return process with your customer, not refund. Refunds will not be sent to the POS unless there is also a restocking of the product done. Please refer to our help page on returns, refunds, and transactions for more information on those processes.

Adding items to orders will not be reported to your POS unless there is a transaction done on your website, where the products and funds are defined. In this case, you will have to manually adjust the order in your POS to make it match your website. 

You can not add an item to an order after the invoice has already been captured, as there is no additional transaction attached. You also cannot refund money without returning an item for the same reason.

In this case, since the funds were captured at checkout, the only way to handle this situation correctly is to return the unwanted items, and then create a new order for the items you want to add. This way, the return transaction and the new order transaction will be sent to your POS system, and your inventory will stay accurate. 

If you had only authorized the order at checkout and not captured funds until you shipped, then you could have just cancelled the two items you did not want, then capture funds for and ship the items you did want to ship.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us through a support request via the Admin Panel.