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Editing the SKU on Shopify Orders in the Admin Panel


At Modern Retail, we've rolled out a new feature to your Shopify integration. You now have the ability to edit the SKU of a product in the Admin Panel.

Editing the SKU

Previously, it was not possible to send orders with "No SKU" errors to your POS for processing. Now, if an order is giving a "No SKU" error message, you are able to go in from the Admin Panel, edit the SKU, and then Resend the invoice with the correct information. Once the SKU is updated in the Admin Panel, be sure to go into Shopify to identify and update the product that was missing the SKU, causing the error in the first place. 

sku image 1.png sku image 2.png

Once these steps are complete, you do not need to pull the order to resend to Shopify, just resend the invoice to the POS.

For any more questions, please submit a support request in the Admin Panel.