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Manual Product Adjustment by Modern Retail




In Shopify, in any product in your store, there is a link to view the Adjustment History of the product. This is a log of whenever the inventory has been changed, and by whom. On this page, we will show you how to access your adjustment history, and why it logs some manual adjustments made by Modern Retail.

Product Adjustment

To access your product's adjustment history, select any product. In the top right corner of that window, there is a blue link that reads "Adjustment history."

Modern_Retail_Integration (1).pngAdjustment_History_Product (1).png

By clicking that link, a page will open with a log of when that product was changed and who made the changes.


Adjustment_History (1).png


This log shows a manual adjustment by Modern Retail. However, the manual adjustment tag is misleading - it implies that a person is MANUALLY going in and changing inventory, which is not the case, it is Modern Retail's Integration which makes the adjustments. Since the Modern Retail Integration is a custom application, it just reads that way on the log.


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