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Dirty COW Linux Vulnerability - October 2016


Dirty COW is a vulnerability in the Linux Kernel that allows a hacker to escalate their privileges on the server.  The Dirty Cow bug,  officially called CVE–2016–5195, was originally introduced nine years ago and has been sitting unnoticed for much of that time.


In order to exploit the Dirty Cow vulnerability the attacker must first be able to execute arbitrary code on the system. This, in itself, is bad enough – even if an attacker is not able to gain root-level privilege, being able to execute arbitrary code gives them a massive foothold on your server.  Obviously, we would never want a hacker to gain this sort of access to your server in the first place.


All of our Magento, WordPress and WooCommerce servers have been patched for Dirty COW!

Please submit a Support Request if you have any questions.  Thank you.