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Integrating Existing Shopify Products


I have a lot of products in Shopify already.  Will your integration automatically connect to these products that are already in Shopify?  Do I need to do anything special or work to integrate my POS systems with the products that are already in Shopify?

Any insight here would be appreciated.  Thank you.


We get this question a lot, and the answer is yes, it is possible.  However, in order to automatically connect products from your POS system to Shopify, we need the unique product identifier from your POS system to exactly match what's in Shopify.  This unique product identifier, something Modern Retail calls the Product Integration ID, must be stored in the SKU field in Shopify.

When a product doesn't have any variants such as size, width, color, etc. you enter the Product Integration ID in the SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) field.

Products such as shoes, shirts and pants come in multiple sizes and colors.  Each variant of the product such as size or color must have their own unique Product Integration ID, which is also entered in the SKU field in Shopify.  Again, this Product Integration ID must be unique and entered for each product variant.

Please ensure you understand what Product Integration ID is being used from your POS system before embarking on a project to update these fields within Shopify.  Please ask if you are unsure what ID is being used for your particular POS or ERP system.

Thank you, and please let us know if you need anything else.