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CAM Commerce Shopify Integration Not Available


We have recently begun a Shopify website as another avenue to sell what we have in the brick and mortar store. We have been manually balancing the inventory in the two systems, Shopify and Cam Commerce, and we know there has to be a better way. Researching solutions led me to your site.

I've read the basics about Cam Commerce integration with Shopify as a one-way street. My questions now involve the specifics. I would like to request more information on exactly how this works, the process of getting the systems to talk, and of course, what the boss will want to know, the cost.

I understand that we'd run an inventory report in Cam Commerce and then upload it to Shopify to adjust all the inventories. Is this recommended once a day, or how often do we reconcile what's selling in-store before it's purchased online? Secondly, we input the online orders into Cam, that's fine. But when we run this inventory report, will the items sold online (which were already removed from Shopify at the time of sale) and subsequently run through Cam be removed again? Also, how does this integration account for items that are in the store but not online? Just ignore them? Or does it add them anyway, giving us the opportunity to go behind and merchandise them?

Pardon all the initial questions. I just want to make sure I understand exactly how this would work and how it could help us before I present it. I'd also like to know the general integration process that's followed and the costs involved. That will give us an idea if this is a good solution for us before we move forward.


Thank you for your interest in Modern Retail. I’m sorry, but we cannot help you with your CAM Commerce Shopify integration.  CAM Commerce has made it clear they do not want Modern Retail helping their clients with these integrations.  Instead, they want you to use their e-commerce solution.  Sorry.

Please let me know if things have changed with CAM Commerce, and we'd be happy to help.  Thank you.