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Shopify vs BigCommerce


I just wanted to share this article with you that has helped me narrow down my decision.  After spending some time in both Shopify & BigCommerce, I was unable to find any major drawbacks to either.  I tried not to worry too much about the expense aspects because the growth of my business is more important than the cost to do it.  One major thing I noticed was I was able to right away find a nice theme that is customizable to look the way I want with Shopify where I struggled with BigCommerce.  Confusing at first, but I’ll be able to learn my way around. At any rate, thought you might find it a good read, or at least another client might find it a good read.

I will keep you posted.  Once I get things where I want with Shopify & internally, I will reach out to you regarding your module.


Thank you for sharing this article with me; it was very informative.  Typically, when someone is interested in BigCommerce or Shopify, they tend to look at both solutions to see which one meets their needs better.  A lot of retailers tell me deciding between Shopify and Bigcommerce is a lot like picking a POS system, and ultimately, it comes down to if it has the right features for their business. People often tell me they’ve decided on particular solution because they found it to be a better "fit."

One comment about BigCommerce themes.  This year BigCommerce came out with a new theming engine called Stencil.  Stencil is a replacement for their old Blueprint theming engine and is built using modern technologies.  I don’t believe you can buy Stencil themes from the BigCommerce marketplace just yet, but it's coming.  Please read:

As you know, we can get POS system integrated with both Shopify and Bigcommerce, so please go ahead and buy our Integrator online when you’re ready.

Thanks again for sharing!