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System Five Magento Integration & Existing Products


I have a question regarding products with the System Five integration. I read the FAQ, and it says that we will not be able to use the products already entered. We have more than 6000+ products with data and prices in Magento and would like to avoid having to reenter all these products.  Is there any way you can integrate these existing products in Magento with Windward System Five?


Yeah, integrating with existing products can be a problem because most people don’t enter the unique product identifier that’s needed in Magento.  The following article talks in greater detail about the difficulties here:

The unique produce identifier, something we call the Integration ID, must be stored in the SKU field in Magento for every Simple Product.  For Windward System Five we use an identifier called PartUnique.

If you've entered this PartUnique ID in the SKU field in Magento for your Simple Products, then our integration will automatically recognize the products in Magento and connect them to the correct products in System Five.

Please let me know if you have any more questions about our System Five integration.  Thank you.