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Adding a New Location's Inventory


I added a second location  and  for some of the items the quantity or the upc did not come in to the catalog. I manually updated the quantity but it went back to 0 a lot of the active items worked fine.


Firstly, all inventory and pricing changes must be done in your POS . You can not change that information in the store or it will get overwritten by the POS at the next integration.

In order to add the inventory from a additional location to the website there are a couple things necessary on the Retail edge side. 

The RetailEdge integration allows you to select which locations you want to send up to Modern Retail.
In order to minimize the amount of data that goes up to Modern Retail each time, Retail Edge only sends up records that have changed since the last time the integrator did an inventory push.

So just checking a box that adds a new location’s inventory quantities does not modify the inventory records and so nothing  gets pushed up.

Within Retail Edge there is an  option to reset the last synch date (if as in this instance, certain inventory items were being missed). If you  reset the last modified date back , for example, 9 months, that should take care of the issue as it will tell the system to send all product info for the last nine months for that new location also. If you only have a single product that you find not going over, you can also just edit and save the product  to get it to go up, but in this case there were hundreds of items so this date reset is a better option.

Please contact your Retail Edge support if you need assistance with the backdating of the synch date.