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Item-Level Backorders


I do a lot of drop shipping with the shoes I sell on my Bigcommerce website. The integration is working great and I set Bigcommerce to allow backorders on the entire product.  However, I occasionally need to allow backorder on just specific sizes because they are hard to get and aren't in stock.  Is it possible to allow backorders on specific items in my catalog?  Do you understand what I'm asking to do?

Thank you.


Yes, I completely understand what you're asking to do.  In the example below you want to be able to tell Bigcommerce to allow backorders on say sizes 9 and 13 but not all the other sizes.  For those sizes you want our integration with your POS system to take over and automatically remove the products when they are no longer in stock.  While Bigcommerce does has this allow backorder capability, it is set at the "Product-Level" for all sizes.  Meaning it cannot be set for individual sizes in your catalog.  Sorry.

Please let us know if you need anything else.  Thank you.