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BigCommerce Gift Card Integration


I have an existing Bigcommerce website, and I'm wondering if you can integrate my point of sale system's gift cards with Bigcommerce.  I want people to be able to use the gift cards they buy in my stores on my website. Can this be done?  Do I need to sign up for something special with Bigcommerce to get this feature?

I would love it if you could help me, seems like no one has answers to this riddle. Thank you.


Thank you for your interest in Modern Retail; let me see if I can help.  The answer to this question really comes in two parts, and I will tackle Bigcommerce first.

Yes, Bigcommerce has what they call their Gift Certificate API.  This API, or what's called an application programming interface, allows us to communicate with Bigcommerce, and hence consumers, when they are checking out on your website.  This API is available on all Bigcommerce plans, so you shouldn't need to upgrade or do anything else to get this feature.

Regarding the integration with your in-store point of sale system, that all depends on which POS system you are using.  A few POS system have made it easy to access gift card information stored in their system, while others require a lot more work or may not be possible at all.  Please read:

The answer to your riddle as you put it is, therefore, your POS system and not Bigcommerce!

Please let me know what POS or ERP system you are using, and I'll help you find out if it's possible to integrate gift cards with your Bigcommerce website (if I don't know already that is).  Thank you.