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Refunds & Returns


I've been reading about your BigCommerce integration and noticed you mentioned you cannot send refunds or returns made in BigCommerce to my point of sale system.  Why is that?


This is partially correct. Our BigCommerce integration cannot send refunds or returns down to your POS system for sites using anything older than BigCommerce3.  BigCommerce v3 & on allows for Line Item Refunds, while older versions of BigCommerce are unable to support this feature.  Those older versions of BigCommerce cannot tell us when a particular item has been returned on your website.  If they can't tell us it has been returned, then we're unable to send the item down to your POS system.  We can get the Refunded Amount but that doesn't help, because we don't which actual item was returned.

Check this article out for more information on this topic, and please let us know if you have any more questions with a support request.