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Editing Orders in WooCommerce & RICS Integration


If we use your WooCommerce Integrator and we have to make a change to a order total in WooCommerce (because say a customer didn't use a coupon correctly or had some other kind of discount or gift card that was not applied during checkout) does that new sales total get transferred back to RICS correctly through Integrator, even though it is different from the original purchase?  I think maybe I asked you and you said yes, because no charges are sent back to RICS until the order is closed out?


Yes you're right, you can do whatever you want to the order within WooCommerce as long as it hasn't "Shipped" yet.  We don’t send anything to RICS until it has been shipped in WooCommerce. Therefore these sorts of edits won’t make a difference because the only thing RICS will see is the last thing you did right before you ship it.  Get it?

Let me know if you have any more questions and have a great weekend.