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Counterpoint Version 7 Integration


We're currently on Counterpoint version 7 using the "old" only store.

We've had great Facebook engagement and need to be working and leveraging our retail store with our growing wholesale distribution.

Our goal:

  • Migrate our current website over to Shopify.
  • Work on creating Facebook presence for promotional online sales.
  • Integrate Shopify into Amazon selling.
  • Integrate Shopify into Ebay selling.

We're interested in learning from any of your past implementations to modify and rework our goals.


Thank you for your interest in Modern Retail and our Counterpoint integration. 

I’m sorry we don’t support the older Counterpoint version 7.  Instead, we work with Counterpoint SQL 8.4.6 and above.

If you were on Counterpoint SQL 8.4, we could definitely get you connected to Shopify, and of course, Amazon, eBay, Facebook, etc.  If upgrading Counterpoint is an option for, you please let me know.  Thank you.