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Pronto Website Integration


I'm working with a client who has Pronto.  Pronto has a web division called Pronto Avenue that connects Pronto to Magento.  This is what my client is using today, but they are unhappy with it and we have suggested they move to WordPress & WooCommerce as we believe it’s a better platform for the size of their business (relatively small).  They do however have multiple stores and warehouse locations that are setup with Pronto.

Any information you can give me now would be very appreciated.  It is still in the early discussion stages, so nothing has been approved yet, but once we get the go ahead to investigate further, I’d be happy to make a connection with yourself and Pronto/the client.  Thank you.


We agree with you that Magento is not right for smaller stores; something like WooCommerce is far better suited.

We took a look at the Pronto API listed here:

Their API looks pretty good and everything seems pretty straight forward except for Product Attributes (Size, Color, etc.).  We spent a few minutes looking at the API but couldn’t figure out how product variants are handled.  However, we did take a look at an example in their demo store, and we see these variants, so we know it’s possible.

We also noticed in the spec inventory, levels for the various locations.  It’s not going to be a problem aggregating these values together and sending one inventory value over to WooCommerce (this is something we do all the time with other POS systems).  Sending Orders down to Pronto doesn’t seem to be a problem.

Is it possible to get us with the Pronto Avenue folks to discuss Products?  Even if your client needed to pay for their time, it would be well worth it and cheaper than us figuring it out on our own.  After we meet with Pronto, we’ll be able to give you a fixed-fee proposal for this integration.  Thanks.