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RICS Gift Card Integration


I use RICS as my point of sale system and also use Modern Retail to connect it to my website. What I'm wanting to know is if I can connect the gift cards in RICS to my website so consumers can redeem them in checkout.

What sort of solutions do you have that would allow me to connect RICS Gift Cards to my website?  Thank you.


RICS really offers two different gift card solutions:

  1. Built-In Solution
    • This is the default Gift Card solution that's built into RICS.
    • Website integration is not available.
  2. Clutch
    • Clutch is a 3rd party solution which offers Gift Cards and many other services such as Loyalty.
    • Website integration is available.

Given your comments above, it sounds like you're using RICS's built-in solution. Unfortunately, there's no way to integrate with RICS's built-in solution with your website.  Instead, customers wanting an integrated Gift Card solution need to use Clutch.

Here's what you can expect from the RICS/Clutch gift card integration:

  • Consumer buys gift card online.
  • Store receives order and manually loads balance on gift card within Clutch.
  • Store gives gift card to consumer.
  • Consumer uses gift card online by entering number in checkout which results in one of the following:
    • Purchased entirely with gift card.  Gift card is the tender type.
    • Partial payment with gift card.  Credit card is the tender type and gift card amount would be in the discount field.  This is necessary because only one tender type can be used at a time in RICS. This will result in the Gross Margin report being off.
  • Balance updated in Clutch.

Please speak with your RICS representative if you have any questions about Clutch.  Of course, don't hesitate to ask us if you need anything.  Thank you.