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Lightspeed Overwriting Website Data


We've built a WordPress website with WooCommerce and our client is using Lightspeed. There's a lot of additional info we need to add for each product that is not on Lightspeed, things like "product feature," "description," "specs" etc.

Originally, we added the info on the individual product page, but the Lightspeed update and overnight sync functionality overwrites WooCommerce products and wiped out everything. We've tried the filter/action hook mentioned in the plugin documentation, and that didn't work.

Is this something you've experience of and can help us with? We're facing a tight deadline, so a quick reply/answer is much appreciated!!!


Thank you for your interest in Modern Retail and our Lightspeed integration.  Our Lightspeed integration with WooCommerce does not like that!  Yes, we use the data in Lightspeed to “seed” the WooCommerce catalog, but we generally do not update any information on subsequent updates except for 2 key pieces of information:

  1. Quantity on Hand (QOH)
  2. Price

For most retailers Lightspeed is the “master” for QOH and Price.  Meaning, if you change the QOH or Price in Lightspeed, it automatically gets sent to WooCommerce.  However, all other data can be changed and updated directly in WooCommerce (ok, technically SKU and UPC codes are also generally coming from Lightspeed as well and aren’t touched in WooCommerce).

Please read the following article regarding how the integration works from the WooCommerce side:

You’ll find we’re experts at POS and ERP integrations; it’s something we've been doing for over a decade and have amassed a great deal of knowledge and technology doing 1,300+ integrations.  Here are just some of the articles that I can share with you that make us different.

You’ll love our WooCommerce Integrator Dashboard, which gives you an overview of the status of your integration.

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Thanks and please let me know if you need anything else!