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Counterpoint Shopify Integration with Loyalty & Gift Cards


I'm planning on moving to Shopify and using your Counterpoint Integrator to connect Counterpoint with Shopify.

We are thinking about using a rewards problem and have been looking at Sweet Tooth Rewards. Do you know anything about Sweet Tooth Rewards?  Should I use it?  Today, we just have the Counterpoint loyalty program.  Can you integrate our loyalty program with Shopify?  It does not have to necessarily be Sweet Tooth, just any good loyalty program.

Also, same question for gift cards. Is there a possible integration between Counterpoint and Shopify's gift card systems?


We have not done an integration with Shopify around gift cards or loyalty but would love do one for you.  If your reward program is simplistic, then you don’t need Sweet Tooth Rewards.  For example, doing something like buy X and you get Y dollars off is pretty easy and wouldn’t need Sweet Tooth Rewards.  Gift cards could also be integrated.

Also, you should know these types of integrations will require you to be on Shopify’s “Plus” plan.  My understanding is that Shopify Plus starts at around $1,000/month.  If you’re not on this plan, then you may want to talk to your Shopify rep to get more information.

Let me know if you have any more questions about our Counterpoint Integrator.  Thank you.