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Lightspeed Bigcommerce Integration Documentation


I'm interested in your Lightspeed to Bigcommerce integration, but I have a few questions before I buy it from your website.

  • How does your integrations work?
  • Can you clarify or provide setup instructions or a starting guide once a customer has paid?  
  • Where are these connectors installed?  For Lightspeed Retail, you can't install anything on the cloud POS, and for BigCommerce, what is needed, etc.


We have so much documentation, it would make your head spin if I sent it all. To get an overview of how our integrations work, please read:

If you need additional information about our integration technology, please read:

Regarding Lightspeed and Bigcommerce specifically, yes our “Modern Retail Integrator” (middleware) connects Lightspeed Cloud to Bigcommerce and nothing needs to be installed on either of these platforms. We’ll be following this on-boarding process to get you started:

When you’re ready, you can buy the Lightspeed Integrator here:

I think that’s it. Please let me know if you need anything else. Thank you.