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Counterpoint Magento & Bigcommerce Integration


I would like to set up my Magento website to have multiple domains.  I may also create a separate Bigcommerce website in the future and would like that connected as well.

Please see my sketch diagram below and confirm that:

  • I can have multiple websites (Magento 1, Magento 2 or Bigcommerce). Orders from these website will be dropped into Counterpoint as Location#1, Location#2, Location#3.
  • All Products will be managed in Counterpoint. Each product can be assigned or unassigned to any of stores. If this is the case, how do I manage pricing since each store may have different pricing?
  • I assume I need 3 different subscriptions and licenses from you.  Is that correct?


Your diagram isn’t quite right; it looks closer to the following:

As you can see, Products are funneled to both Magento and Bigcommerce at the same time (much like a garden hose that goes to two different sprinklers).  Magento natively supports multiple domains.  What this means in terms of products is we add them to Magento ONCE, and then you assign which stores (domains) should get these products.  Please speak with your website development agency for more information on how to assign products to multiple domains within Magento.  We can also send your products to Bigcommerce at the same time.  However, you will need to merchandise your products in Bigcommerce, in addition to Magento.  Meaning, you will need to upload your images again, enter your descriptions in Bigcommerce again, etc.  However, you do have the ability to delete products from either Magento or Bigcommerce.  Once deleted the products will not be sent to that platform again.

Orders are much easier and will flow from Magento and Bigcommerce to Counterpoint.  As part of our setup, we will help you assign which locations should get these orders.

Regarding prices, we have the ability to copy the price over to Magento and Bigcommerce on the initial load and never update it again.  This would allow you to manage the price of items directly within Magento or Bigcommerce.

Finally, you would only need 2 licenses in the above example – one for Magento and another one for Bigcommerce.

Let me know if you need anything else.  Thanks.