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Adding PDF Files to Content


You can easily add PDF files to either content or product descriptions in Magento following the steps below.


Adding PDF files to Products

  • Log into Magento and navigate to either the product or content you want to add the PDF file to.  In these directions, we'll be adding a PDF file to a product.
  • Within the product, open the WYSIWYG Editor by clicking on the WYSIWYG button below the description field.

  • The editor will open in a lightbox.  Once it opens, look for the image upload icon in the Toolbar. 

  • Click the image icon to upload your PDF file. 
  • Select the browse button to upload your file.

  • In the next window, select "Browse Files" again to surf your device for the desired file.


NOTE: You may see previously uploaded files! That's okay!

  • Surf your computer to find the file you want to upload, once you find the file select it for upload.  Your file must be a PDF before you upload it!
  • Copy and Paste the file name when you select the file from your device.

NOTE: Your file name must NOT have any spaces or special characters in it!

  • After selecting the file for upload, you'll see the file name in the Magento window.


  • Select "Upload Files".


  • Insert your file name into this code snippet:

<a href="/media/wysiwyg/pdf/Credit_Card_Authorization_v12.pdf">Download PDF</a>

  • Exit the WYSIWYG Editor.
  • Insert your code snippet into the text editor.




  • You'll see the word "Download" on the front end of your site in the appropriate description field.

 Adding PDF Files to Pages & Static Blocks
You'll use all the same steps as noted above with one exception!  In both Pages and Static Blocks the Editor is available right away; there is no need to click the WYSIWYG button to load the editor.