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Display Order Options


Modern Retail, by default, controls the display order of products in your catalog by the enabled date.  This is the date you enabled the product for sale.  If you are using a Visual Merchandiser to organize your catalog, you have the option of controlling or picking which method will control the display order of your site.  The steps below will show you how.

  • Log into Magento > Catalog > Categories

  • From the Categories list, select the brand or category you'd like to work with.  Click on it to edit.

  • Click on the Display Settings tab.

  • Scroll down until you see the Sort by products by... field.

  • The default will be "Enabled Date".  If you'd like to use the Visual Merchandiser to organize a particular brand or category; change the option to "Product Position.


  • Save!


  • If you've opted to use the product position option, new products will be added in what appears to be a random order to the brand/category.  The enabled date will not be used to control the display order in those circumstances.