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Issuing Gift Certificates (Unigry Extension)


This help page will take you thru the steps needed to create or issue a Gift Certificate. 

  • Log in to Magento > Customers > Gift Certificates
  • In the far right corner, select "Add New Gift Certificate." 

On the next screen, you'll see all the fields that need to be completed before issuing your Gift Certificate code.

Gift Certificate Info

  • Certificate Code:  By default, the extension will create a randomly generated code when saved.  You can remove that content and create unique codes for your shoppers.
  • Balance:  This field is for the amount of the Gift Certificate.  It will update or change automatically as the shopper uses their Gift Certificate.
  • Currency:  By default this is set to US Dollar.
  • Status:  The default status for all Gift Certificates is "pending."  You must change it to "active" to enable redemption.  You may change a gift certificates status after issue.
  • Expires On:  You can leave this blank and the gift certificate will never expire.  Alternatively, you can set an expiration date.
  • Quantity of Certificates to Create:  If this field is left blank, only one certificate will be created.  To create multiple gift certificates at once, enter the quantity.  If you are going to issue multiple gift certificates at one time, you must allow the codes to auto-generate.  This will insure that each gift certificate code is unique.
  • Gift Certificate Email Template for Self, Gift Certificate Email Template for Someone Else, Certificate PDF Template:  The Unirgy extension comes with default email templates that may be used to send the gift certificate code.  Within each drop down are your options.
  • Store View:  This is set by default to "All Store Views."  Unless you're on Magento multi-site, there is no need to change this field.
  • Sender Name:  This is for the Gift Certificate Sender's Name.  This field can be left empty as needed.
  • Disallow Coupons:  By default this is set to "no."  This means the shopper will be able to redeem their gift certificate and use a coupon code.

Recipient Info

These fields are optional and are only needed if you're sending the gift certificate via one of the email templates.

  • Name:  This is the Gift Certificate's recipient.
  • Email:  This is the recipient's email address.
  • Postal Address:  This is the recipient's mailing address.
  • Custom Message:  This field is for any messages you'd like to send to the recipient.  Great for gift messages! 

Once you've completed the needed fields, hit "Save Gift Certificate."


When a gift certificate is redeemed at checkout, the balance is instantly updated.  That balance is reflected within the Gift Certificate information in the back end of Magento.

Shoppers can check their balances from within their Account.


  • Gift Certificates can be used or issued as "store credit" for online returns that are outside a store's normal return policy.
  • Consider creating standard Gift Certificate Code conventions.  For example, store credit gift certificates may always start with "RMA-XXXX."
  • Using the shoppers last name as part of the code will help create unique codes and make it easier for shoppers to redeem.  For example, "SMITH-12345."