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Picking a POS System for Magento


Hello Im interested in your POS system. Can you please clarify couple issues?

  1. Does your POS system support partial payments?
    • If it does, does it support partial payments with every and any payment method that is installed in Magento?
    • Does it support flexible partial payments? Or should the payments be pre-defined in installments? I mean, if it's possible for each and every customer to split a payment in any amounts that they want, instead of admin pre-defining the payment installments in advance?
  2. Will it work with custom third-party extensions? For example, AheadWorks Image Swatches (that uses images for product color)?
  3. Does it allow choosing an existing customer to assign order to?

Best Regards, Archie


Thank you for your interest in our Magento Integrator.  You say you're interested in our POS system, but we actually don't sell a POS system.  Instead, we connect various POS systems to Magento.  We can integrate Magento with the following POS/ERP systems today:

Please investigate these systems to find out which one works better for your business.  Once you've decided, we can help you get your chosen POS system integrated with Magento. Thank you.