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Modern Retail's Magento Integrator integrates POS and ERP systems with Magento.  This article explains how to install the Magento Integrator and discusses the setup of the extension.

Modern Retail encourages you to use our services to install and set up the Magento Integrator for you. We're happy to log into your server, install the Integrator and make sure it is properly configured and tested.

Extension Installation

The following instructions will help you successfully install the Magento Integrator:

  1. Obtain a copy of the Magento Integrator from Modern Retail.
    • New clients will receive a copy during the onboarding process.
    • Existing clients can obtain a copy by submitting a Support Request.
  2. Unzip the file and copy the extension files into the Magento directory.
  3. Set the permissions on the mr_import and mr_remote directories, and all files within them, to 777.
  4. Log into the backend of Magento and perform the following steps if necessary.
    • If you have Magento Compilations turned on, then recompile.
    • If you use Varnish, then refresh Varnish.
  5. Log out of Magento.
  6. Log into the backend of Magento again and go to System > Configuration.  Magento should show the following message at the top of the page, which specifies the Magento Integrator was successfully installed.

That should do it!  If you need any help, please ask your project manager or submit a Support Request. We're happy to lend you a hand.


Modern Retail will work with you to ensure your Magento Integrator is configured correctly to communicate with your POS or ERP system. While a complete discussion of all the settings will not be covered, here's a general overview.

  • Settings - Where the general settings are configured for the Magento Integrator.
  • Simple Products Mapping - Specifies how the fields coming over from your POS or ERP should be mapped to Simple Products in Magento.
  • Configurable Products Mapping - Specifies how POS and ERP fields should be mapped to your Configurable Products.
  • Update Products Mapping - Specifies the field mapping for all product updates.

Please remember, Modern Retail is happy to help you with the installation and configuration of these settings.  Please don't hesitate to ask you project manager or submit a Support Request if you have any questions or need assistance.  Thank you.