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Shopify Integration, 2 Different POS Systems


I see that you do a lot of Shopify integrations, and I have what I think is a challenging request for you.  I would like to integrate 2 different POS systems with one Shopify website. Can it be done?


It is possible to send Products from two different POS systems to Shopify.  However, sending Orders back down to the POS is the problem because we currently don't know which POS should get the order.  The problem gets worse with partial orders where half of the items on the order are from one system and the other half are from the other system.

However, all is not lost!

We could send the products from these 2 different POS systems to Shopify.  However, we could modify the integration not to send orders down to either POS system.  This would require you to manually enter the order in the appropriate system.  Yes, this is some manual work on your part, but arguably, 90% of the work involves keeping your inventory and pricing up-to-date which would be accomplished with this scenario.

Do you think will this work for you?