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Can't Add Options


I can't add the options below to the following product:  ACS01434


Can you please help?


You look to have some bad data in one your option fields that is causing this problem.  Here's how I identified the bad data, removed it and added the missing options.  I'll even show you how to rename and organize your options.

  1. I went to the Edit Options page for this product and noticed there was a blank entry.  I noted the number next to this field (925179) and found it in the listing below.
  2. I hit Remove to delete this bad field.
  3. I hit Save, but honestly, I'm not sure if I needed to.
  4. I went back to the Edit Options page for this product and did a search for ABC-YTV under Available Options.  This showed all the options for this product you wanted to add.
  5. I checked all the Options, except for the first one, which is the bogus entry we deleted above.  I believe your POS system is adding this entry as a "parent product record," but it is not needed.
  6. Finally, I renamed the Option Labels to match what you already had and reorganized the fields by dragging and dropping to put them in order from S/M to M/L to L/XL.
  7. Oh, and don't forget to hit Save.

Again, I believe all your troubles are due to this blank Option.  Delete it, add your new Options and you should be good to go.

Please let us know if you need anything else.  Thank you.