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Shopify Gift Card Integration


I would like to integrate gift cards from my point of sale system with Shopify.  Is this something you can help me accomplish?


These are exactly the kinds of integrations that get us excited.  However, there's two things that make happen in order to be able to integrate your POS systems gift cards with Shopify:

  1. Shopify Plus
    • Currently you are not using Shopify Plus.  Shopify Plus is Shopify premium plan that allows for gift card integration plus a whole lot more. Read More.
  2. POS System API
    • Your POS system does not currently allow us to get gift card information via their API.  This is a pretty common occurrence because let's face it gift cards are like money and your POS vendor is trying to protect you and your customers. However, this is most certainly changing and we're seeing more and more POS companies open up their API to allow us to debit and credit gift card balances.

We realize that as retailers you're struggling to create the same omni-channel experience as the "big box retailers" and having an integrated gift card solution is essential.  Please note you're not alone and Modern Retail is here fighting for you to try to bring gift card integrations to the masses.  You may find the following article interesting:

Please let us know if you have any more questions about gift card integrations, we'd love to work with your POS vendor to make this happen for you and would be happy to talk with them on your behalf.  Thank you.