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Veloce WooCommerce Integration


I have a client that uses Veloce Software for their restaurant and bar.  We would like to integrate Veloce with their WooCommerce website. 

I have received the attached PDF document which appears to be an application programming interface you could use to integrate with Veloce.  Could you please take a look at it and let me know if this is something you can use.  I'd like to get Veloce integrated with WooCommerce. Thank you.


Thank you for sending the Veloce API documentation.  The documentation seems to describe how to get order and customer information into Veloce (#2 & #3) but it doesn’t appear to have any information on how to get products out of Veloce (#1).

Typically, the POS system will send us products so they can be added to the e-commerce platform, in your case WooCommerce.  This is done because every POS system has a unique identifier for these products in their system, and it's this identifier which is passed back with the order to Veloce so inventory can be decremented on a sale and incremented on a return.

May I make a suggestion?  Could you please e-mail your representative at Veloce Software and let them know you’re interested in getting Veloce integrated with your website?  If you copy me on the message, I’ll immediately reply asking to set up a meeting with Veloce.  Getting our developers to talk with their developers, even for 30 minutes, makes a huge difference and can really help to “jump start” the integration efforts.

Please let me know if you need anything else or would like to jump on a call before getting with Veloce.  Thank you.