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Creating Links within Your WordPress Content


The ToolBar in WordPress content offers a lot of features allowing you to style your content.  Included in the ToolBar is a "link" tool that allows you to link words and images to other places within your site.  The steps below will show you how.

This feature/ToolBar is available on all WordPress content fields: posts, pages and product description fields. 

  • Log into WordPress, navigate to your post/page/product, and open it for editing.
  • After adding your content, find the words you'd like to link and highlight them.
  • After highlighting the text you'd like to link, click the Link tool in the toolbar.
  • After clicking on the link icon, a pop-up window will open.  This is where you'll place the link.
  • Be sure you remove the "http://" in the pop up when inserting your new link.  Your link will likely have the http:// in it, and if you don't remove it, the link will be malformed and won't work.
  • If the link is to content on your site, do NOT check the "open link in a new window/tab box."  If the link is to outside content, be sure to check this box so that your site stays open in a user's browser.
  • If you are linking to existing content on your site, you can click the option to "link to existing content" and select the content you want to link to. 
  • The link will auto populate for you after you've selected your content.

    Be sure to click "Add Link"!

Your content is now linked!  Your linked content will be underlined, and when you highlight the linked text, the link icon in the ToolBar will be highlighted as well.