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CAM Commerce Website Integration Needed


Our company uses Retail Star from CAM Commerce as our Point of Sale system. We use their parent company's e-commerce platform at this time but are considering a move to a different shopping cart. During my search, I came across your website and, more particularly, your CAM Commerce POS Integrator product. I am looking to get more information about how that functions.

If someone with knowledge of that product could reach out to me, that would be much appreciated. Thanks for your help!


Thank you for your e-mail and your interest in Modern Retail.  I’m sorry to say, we no longer support an integration with CAM Commerce.  The following article explains why:

As I’m sure you noticed, we have integrations with Bigcommerce, Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento, which we believe only strengthens CAM Commerce because it gives their customers options when it comes to e-commerce.  However, I believe senior management sees things a little differently.  As the article suggests, we’d be happy to work with CAM Commerce again if you wanted to try to convince them.

Thanks! Please let me know if I can be of any help with your endeavor to convince CAM Commerce to support other e-commerce platforms.  Thank you.