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Image Optimization

Let's face it, not all of us know how to optimize images, and how many of us remember to do it before they are uploaded to WordPress? I suspect not many of us.  EWWW Image Optimizer comes to the rescue because it works to optimize your images in the background as you upload images in WordPress. 

By default, EWWW Image Optimizer uses lossless compression verses lossy compression which means your images will have the exact same quality as the original image you uploaded; they will be just be a smaller file size.  Having images with a smaller file size is immensely helpful because it:

  • allows your images and pages to load faster;
  • can make a noticeable improvement for visitors with slower connections, like mobile phones;
  • and reduces server and network resources.

If you are running a WordPress or WooCommerce website, you should consider using EWWW Image Optimizer.  Modern Retail  uses it as a standard for all our sites.