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Product Categories


WooCommerce allows you to add, delete, and edit your product categories. Categories can be reordered by dragging and dropping - this order will be used as the default on the front end wherever the categories are listed.

Many themes also give you the ability to add a Category Header, which could be either text or image, to display at the top of the Product Category.

Adding New Product Category

  • Follow the Path PRODUCTS > CATEGORIES
  • Fill in the Correct Information (Name, *Parent, *Description)

* PARENT will be set to None unless the PRODUCT CATEGORY is a SUB-CATEGORY, then you need to add the top level as the PARENT (i.e. ACCESSORIES would be the PARENT and BOWLS would be the sub-department).

* Before adding DESCRIPTION, know if it's shown on your site or not.


Drag and Drop Category Order

Hover over your product categories until the cursor changes to arrows, then drag and drop the categories into the order you want.

Product Category Header

Depending on your site, you will add a product category image/description one of two ways. 

Click on the product category you want to edit then:

  1. CATEGORY HEADER - If your site has this option category, headers are added using this method. Just make sure you crop your image to the correct size prior to uploading.

  2. THUMBNAIL - If your site doesn't have the category header option, then you need to upload a thumbnail.  Just be sure it is cropped to the correct dimensions before uploading.