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Escalating Support Requests


Let's be honest, support is hard and electronic communication doesn't make it any easier. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need a little extra attention, we'd like to know.  If you're not happy with how a request was handled, we'd like to know.  Unhappy for some other reason, we'd like to know.  This article describes how you can get the help you need in those situations where we didn't meet your expectations or you just need a little extra love.

Create a New Ticket

Support Requests are assigned to an individual at Modern Retail who's responsible for either solving your request or passing you over to someone who can solve it.

We often hear from our clients this is contrary to how they expected support to work. They oftentimes believe there's a single person reading every reply from every client.  Unfortunately, this isn't possible given the number of messages, and instead, your messages are only going to the person assigned to your request.

Occasionally, a request will get assigned to a person who is unexpectedly out for the day or can't reply to your ticket.  The Support Group does a pretty good job of taking back these requests and assigning them to someone else.  However, we're human and can occasionally miss a ticket in the myriad of requests.

Therefore, we ask you to create a new support request referencing the ticket where your needs are not being met.  This will ensure "fresh eyes" see it and your request gets escalated appropriately.


Human nature often kicks in, and you'll want to call the person you know best. This may be someone in sales, a project manager or someone you've become friendly with in support.  Please resist this urge.  We have so many horror stories where clients have left an urgent message with someone personally only to get a late reply because they were on vacation. Please don't let this happen to you, and instead, use the Support Request system.  It works!

Thank you and please let us know if we can help you by logging into the Admin Panel and creating a ticket.