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CAM Commerce Integration No Longer Available


I noticed you have an integration with CAM Commerce.  What will it take to get it implemented on my website?  I use Magento today but am thinking about moving to WooCommerce or even Bigcommerce or Shopify.  I noticed you support all 4 of these platforms, so it doesn't look like that's going to be an issue for you.  Please advise.  Thank you, Hank.


Hank, I'm sorry to report that we are no longer offering an integration with CAM Commerce.  This is unfortunate because our integration with CAM Commerce dates back to 2005 and was the first integration we ever had with a point of sale system.  Needless to say, we have a fond place in our heart for the CAM Commerce integration.

The decision to discontinue the integration with CAM Commerce was not our own.  We met with CAM Commerce in June 2013, at which time they advised us they were under new ownership and no longer wanted us to sell an integration with CAM Commerce.  While Modern Retail has every right to continue to sell this integration, we decided it no longer made sense, especially given the new direction CAM Commerce was taking.

We'd be happy to look into working with CAM Commerce again; that door is always open.